Local Groups, publications and information on this site

Disability Gateshead is an incorporated registered charity which provides innovative services to Disabled people, local decision-makers and other service providers, within the Metropolitan Borough of Gateshead.

We have produced several ‘how to" booklets and all of them, ‘Recruiting a personal assistant"‘Using a home care agency" and ‘Health and Safety in the Home" are reproduced online.

If you would like a print copy of these, please send a 31p stamped addressed A4 envelope for each publication to: (name of publication), Information, DAIS Centre, Baltic Business Centre, Saltmeadows Road, Gateshead, NE8 3DA.

The Rough Guide to Independent Living has been produced by disabled people and deals with the potential problems of living independently.


Links to other useful Web Sites

These are some of the sites that we regularly visit and/or that we would recommend.

Disability Net has become the UK site to search for links and information about disability issues and organisations. The site is regularly updated.

The Disability Research Unit at Leeds University offers lots of information about their own work and has goodlinks to disability research around the world. All their research is grounded in the social model of disability.

The Disabled People"s International site is an important source of information from the perspective of the Disabled people"s movement.

The monthly newspaper Disability Now can now be browsed on the web.

For information about the work of government departments, local councils, copies of publications, reports etc visit the Government Information Service

The Disability Rights Task Force has its own site which, as well as information about its work, makes links to a number of interesting sites.

For people in the North East of England, the Regional Information Service provides quick access to a wide variety of locally relevant web sites. There is also a free enquiry service which links in to the regions libraries.

The Independent living USA site is worth a vist for the number of links to other sites, but be warned – you will get lost!

Another site which covers the issues raised by Independent Living and personal assistance, is that of the Institute on Independent Living.